Carthago 7.53

The Nokia app that finds the closest available car2go for the selected city.

· Suitable for making reservations

· Shows the current reservation on the map (v.7.54i)

· Current reservation can be cancelled

· Your most recent location is saved automatically

· Optionally set any address manually

· Once authorised for making reservations, your credentials are saved in the app context, nowhere else

· You can verify your authorisation status

· English, German or Dutch user interface

· Automatic detection of new cities

· Parking lots/charging stations with availability

· Various zoom options

· Minor updates preserving your settings available through the options menu without the need to reinstall

· Can NOT be used to open cars

Configurable options:

· Show 1, 2, 3, 5 or all available car2gos

· Select the city

· Set start-up mode

· Maximum zoom level

Compatible with S60v5, Anna, Belle and Symbian^3.

Icons at the top of the page activate the functions:

Find cars

Find parking lots / charging stations

Step zoom in to first car2go / P in list

Step zoom out from first car2go / P in list

Find current location


This product uses the car2go API but is not endorsed or certified by car2go.

Internet access, either WIFI or mobile network, is required.

No personal information is gathered nor shared.

Amsterdam charging stations (City of Amsterdam, supplied by Essent) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

German translation courtesy of Vlad Arghir.


“congratulations and thank you for the Car2Go Symbian Carthago application (Nokia E7, Belle, Düsseldorf and otherwise a Mac user :-). Tried the other two as well. Yours is the quickest and imo friendliest of the three; although it’s quite simple, it has all essential functions. One of the other applications cannot make bookings (a version that can is not yet on sale), the other costs 1,99 and offers too much info. Both are quite slow in finding the user location and showing a map, they have cluttered interfaces, do not clearly indicate the nearest available car, petrol station or parking house.”

vlad, graphic designer, germany


Q. How do I make a reservation?

A. Click on a found car below the map. Make sure that you have authorised Carthago in the “Authorisation”-menu first


Q. My city is not in the list, while car2go does operate here

A. Not the whole list is shown at once. Scroll down to find your city


Q. Carthago stopped working after I upgraded. Can I revert to an earlier version?

A. Please send us an e-mail with the details of what is wrong, and you will get a link to previous versions


Q. Find current location produces a GPS error. What is wrong?

A1. Your phone does not have GPS

A2. You are inside a building with insufficient GPS reach. Check your GPS settings.

A3. You did not allow Carthago to access phone data / positioning data when prompted at start-up


Q. I installed the new version from OVI store, but Carthago still states the old version number.

A. You may need to uninstall Carthago from your phone first before you can install a new version


Q. I installed an update from within Carthago, but I see no changes

A. Restart Carthago to enable all updates to take effect. From version 7.53, you can update to 7.56i through the menu.


Q. How do I make a reservation in cities in other countries?

A. Log in to the official car2go app, create a moovel-account if you haven’t already done so, and reserve a vehicle in any city in the country you are planning to travel to. Do this once per country.

After that, you can use Carthago like you are used to by selecting the city under options—default city. You can verify the authorised cities under options—authorisation.

For the Windows Phone 8-version of Carthago, click here

For the Windows Store 8-version of Carthago, click here

Carthago is available from Opera app store on your mobile here, or on your PC here